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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  2. A good and sunny summer day. Just amazing to let your truck shine in the sun.
  3. Personally, I love to drive Scania. The design is just amazing. Just look at it...
  4. I always mix white with any colour that seems nice. I guess it kind of depends on my mood
  5. I always stay on Server 1. Most people I know drive there. Always good to meet some friends on the road.
  6. Personally I like Lille or Brussels. Center based. No real reason. I like the area haha
  7. Agreed with this. Also, Calais is more reachable being on the main map. It will always remain most popular.
  8. Yes, I always use my indicators. Thats how it should be.
  9. Same here. I drive it by wheel, sometimes keyboard.
  10. The heavy traffic and trolls will always remain. No discussion about that. As some people mentioned before, it would need an update. Calais is not made for such heavy traffic. While CD road itself can remain the way it is, I believe that the start and end point should atleast be improved.
  11. Really enjoy being back in TMP Community

  12. It is a stress-free and easy game where you can chill. I usually talk to friends or listen music. It really gets me relaxed.
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