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  1. I want to say to the players who have been waiting to update 1.38, please give the developer team enough time, because this is not a very simple thing, and I hope that the developer will handle version 1.38 best. So as to give us the best experience. Therefore, please wait patiently. Besides, 1.37 is also very good. Finally, thanks to every member of TMP team, you will be the hardest, and I will always support you. It is our duty to sponsor you. Thank you
  2. I agree with you very much. I think the speed of 110 yards is very suitable for online truck simulation games. If other players think the speed is too slow, I suggest that you can try to play offline mode, because the European truck simulation 2 online mode pursues authenticity and improves the player's game experience. Thank you
  3. On behalf of Hong Kong, China, I would like to congratulate you on winning the 2020 motor racing championship

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      Thanks!! ❤️ 

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