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  1. Heya! This happened to me as well for about a year, though I do think it's when your ping jumps up. Meaning your internet is fluctuating within the server. Causing the jumps. As well as your graphics could be a problem, though in this case to me it seems fine considering the video is very smooth etc. Matter of fact I still have this happen on the EU servers. (American servers it doesn't happen considering I am from the U.S) Meaning there is nothing that could/can be done that I know of. (closing out browsers/music spotify/pandora etc)
  2. Heya! Honestly, I'd recommend Volvo or Scania. Only because you can get them in high HP
  3. Heya! My day has been very slow, other than that it's been pretty decent! How is your day @raffaeloo
  4. Honestly, I think it has to do with the fact that the road is the most dangerous road in PM. Though it's also the populated area in the map. Causing more people to go there considering the traffic and exceeding amount of players.
  5. Welcome to the forums!! :)

  6. If you haven't already try looking in the TAB settings in TMP. Graphics, and there should be stuff in there about draw distance and such.
  7. Indeed! The 4x2 for realistic short drives is going to be amazing. As said the new chassis are going to be helpful
  8. Hello! Sadly, as it is. That is a mod, and as we know TMP does not support mods. Considering if they owner updates or something along that lines it. As it could not be suitable for TMP.
  9. Heya! Sorry to ask, but can you attach your mods folder to show what your promods look like. As well as your steam mods order in ETS. Please and thank you!
  10. Hello, Have you tried uninstalling truckers mp and reinstalling? In that case may be reinstalling be reinstate your file that you've lost. If it's a problem with ets maybe try loading a save or even reinstalling the game as well.
  11. Is it every time you drive it, or is it just currently whilst you're on? If it's every time I suggest trying and buying a new skoda, and checking the integrity of game files Steam>right click on ets> Local files> "check integrity of game files" If it's just whilst you're on currently then, try restarting the game.
  12. Heya! As this is a good request, though this I feel is not needed as @Gray Ocean said. They would just troll more
  13. Hello there!, Have you tried looking into the tmp settings maybe to see if something if off, or not set correctly As well as re downloading your game and discord!
  14. Hello there!, Try the following: -Re download your game -Re download TMP (if you're trying in TMP) -Check integrity of game files Also, if you're not able to see the drive button in the bottom left corner then put your resolution down possibly.
  15. Fh16 750 only because 20 extra HP
  16. Matter of fact, I believe TMP even shows you how to properly overtake someone. So, I agree teach them how to drive As well as other road rules if you look up "TMP road rule videos". Or something similar to that <
  17. Finally, this has been long awaited. I think it while look amazing considering what they've done with Calais, and Lille
  18. It's great other than some of the tight roads leading out of the port. Other, than that as i said it's great
  19. Honestly, I would just go with a normal color. Like a metallic silver or maroon. Maybe even just plain white. As to a skin/paint scheme, where for me it looks unrealistic. Unless, you're using to for a company
  20. Reinstall the game, then you should get a new config file.
  21. Hello there! 1. Delete all mods in your mod folder 2. Check integrity of game files in steam Steam>my library> right click ets> files> "check integrity of games" 3. Reinstall game and tmp
  22. Try creating a new TMP mod folder, along with re-downloading the winter mod, then as usual put them in the new "mod" folder not "mods". Have a great day!
  23. More than likely not. In-general you can always use it on SP. As I said I don't believe they will accept that mod in MP. I'm not sure if it changes the hit-box or not. Though I do suspect that with suspension change it wouldn't be allowed as some of the changes could affect other drivers.
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