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  1. Type g_traffic 0.5 in conlose and work. it is illegal or may have been banned for a bug?
  2. Thanks! This doesn't help. Please closed threads. Because it's impossible to solve this problem
  3. Hi, Stubborn! Thanks, sorry it doesn't help. 1.l don't have the graphics card( Soon l buy the graphics card) 2. I'm on windows 7( Soon l go to windows 10) 3.l have the CPU(Intel) 4.l have no mod. I decided to try it on slingplayer which is also.
  4. i was on version 1.36 which is great when it rains and 1.38 doesn't work. Thanks, I will try and press P but it will not help.
  5. I have a problem when it rains. Impossible to see from first person When it ranis:https://prntscr.com/vg9lqv When no rain:https://prntscr.com/vg9mtc How to fix it?
  6. 1.38 is almost like 1.35 I see that when I collide with a truck then the cab flew in once. I hope this 1.39 won't be like 1.35. Lol
  7. Same me to. I wait for tmp7 2021 in may
  8. This is a nice idea!! I agree to you. +1
  9. Suggestion Name: Early Autumn Weather 6.2 by Grimes. Suggestion Description: This mod simulates early autumn. Fewer leaves on trees and fall colors in early autumn. Partially yellowed leaves on trees, and fallen on sidewalks and along roads in early fall. Corresponding temperature reading. Here is the link:https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/early-late-autumn-weather-mod/ Any example images: That on the website is linked. Why should it be added?:Because I love autumn.For example, I like the new roads from autumn fashion. It also changes many other textures as well as the weather environment. Hope TruckersMP will support the autumn mod.
  10. Yes, that I will never join the Truckersmp team. Thank you for understanding
  11. Offer Name: Server for (no) graphics card. Description of proposal: So, I suggested you change the server: What has changed in the server? Simulator 1 (with graphics card/8b) Simulator 2 (no graphics card) Any example image: N/A Why should this be added ?: Because who has a video card that doesn't like when he lags and got into an accident. Probably he lags and finds a road in C-D and they don’t like them that's Better they lag will be what is in the server simulator 2 (no graphics card). And Simulator 1( with graphics card/8gb) has no more lags and they like them. I have some questions: Q-question. A-answer. Question 1. Q:If anyone has a (no) processor and there is no graphics card, what can Simulator 1 (with graphics card/8gb) get into the server? A:No, you cannot do this. You can can on Simulator 2(no graphics card)or arcade. Question 2 Q:Who has a graphics card and processor that can get on simulator 2 (no graphics card)? A:Yes Question 3. Will promods be like a server? A:Yes
  12. Thank you for the update That are good news!
  13. Wow, I haven't heard that. Thanks for the info
  14. Yes, sadly, people just don’t understand what code is. Development of whether it will be difficult to make too much code change for a long time. Who was waiting for 1.37 MP. You go to 1.36 or is playing single player, do you have another game? If he is ready what will be released. Hopefully I say what you understand.
  15. Amazing! I love you! YAY! Thank you so much for those updates!!! more look, that make more on the reality.
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