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  1. Now 4 million players!!
  2. Merry Christmas!!


  3. Good news for players, I like to ride with friends on ai-taffic and other mods. I thought that it was possible to set the colision on-off. I don't know if multiplayer will appear in 1.41. Because this new graphics will come out in 1.40 then multiplayer in 1.41. I don't know exactly.I hope the multiplayer comes out in 1.41.
  4. Oh now these trucks can flying!!
  5. Happy Birthday!😉

  6. if i see these signs so i would always stop Because they players do not follow the signs.
  7. if he was to flip and block on the road His excuse: sorry,I do not know how to do it
  8. It looks amazing.Thank you for the update If a tmp support the winter mod. RIP physics and logic in 1.39. Lol.
  9. Type g_traffic 0.5 in conlose and work. it is illegal or may have been banned for a bug?
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