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  1. happy Birthday my friend 

  2. Thanks for all the answers, thought it was a bug, turns out you can't turn on the avatar anymore.
  3. So I haven't played TMP from July until November when one of my PC component die, and when I have bought a new PC part and able to play TruckersMP again, I noticed that there is no profile picture beside player username. Is this a bug or not? If not, what I should do to turn it on again? Example:
  4. Suggestion Name: TruckersMP Grand Prix Suggestion Description: TruckersMP Grand Prix is a racing event that pitted some racer around a circuit for a number of laps. This race will be divided into three sessions, Qualifying, Heat 1, and Heat 2. The rules are any truck without a trailer will be permitted, all driver who successfully qualify will proceed into the Heat 1. The winner of the race is the one that completed both heats in shortest time possible. Any example images: Why it should be added?: I think this event will be interesting to see, plus it will bring more variety from the events that is currently held by TMP team
  5. My fifth "Idiots on the Road" video:




  6. My fourth "Idiots on the Road" video:



  7. Suggestion name: Parking spot in Calais-Duisburg road. Suggestion description: Placing some parking spot in Calais-Duisburg road. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: First of all, There are only two parking lot in Calais-Duisburg road, and the distance between the two is far. Adding more parking lot would make it a better place for truckers to stop there rather than parking close to the road.
  8. Suggestion Name: Add armco near the Duisburg traffic light Suggestion Description: Adding a crash guardrail lining the road. Any example image: (Sorry for the Krone Trailer) Why should it be added?: To prevent reckless driver from corner cutting and thus violating the red light.
  9. My third "Idiots on the Road" video is here:



    1. dogukanorakci


      I like it very much.

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