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  2. Partnerschafts Convoi Hallo zusammen wir laden euch Herzlich zu unserm Partner Konvoi der Zenker Transporte, Berlin-Chemnitz GmbH , CAS und die Lippe Trans Logistik ein . Wir wollen unsere Gemeinschaft zusammen mit euch Feiern mit einem Mega Konvoi. Daten zum Konvoi Wann 28.11.2020 Abfahrtzeit 20:00Uhr (Ger Zeit) Treffen 19:00 Uhr (Ger Zeit) Start Konvoi Kiel auf der A7 Ziel Salzburg Steinbruch Ende(ca.) 22:30Uhr TeamSpeak : Bitte beachten: Keine Schwerlast, Doppeltrailer und HCT Link der Einlaung https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-pBsMigOZ9AqQxji-lmITGXjliY0wBoq/view?usp=sharing Anmelden Über [email protected] oder TeamSpeak: Wir Freuen uns auf euch.... Mit Freundlichen Grüßen ChristianD.
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  4. Hello NzTPhayroh, Here you could get help faster if you do the post here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/.
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  6. hey, -Thanks for the Info
  7. So the event is really great. And what the Truckersmp team has built up is really horny.
  8. I'm curious to see what we experience on the server.
  9. We like to drive tonight with. Where is the goal????
  10. Gebannt, Weil du nur 2 Post hast und noch keine Likes für dein Profil.
  11. Convoi der VTC Ache 


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  14. Hello Community, Suggestion Name: the Event server. ________________________________________________________________________________ Suggestion Description: 1. That the Event organizer with other colors can write ( Voice chat.) 2. The possibility you can fly with the Flycam Via the map. (that you can see the whole convoy and fly over) 3. The Event organizer can kick people from the server. (That if problems with other drivers are prevented from blocking or anything else) ________________________________________________________________________ Why should it be added?: It will help me to improve the event through and make it a success without any problem ___________________________________________________________________________________________ This can be requested separately. How do you find the ideas???
  15. we also take part in the convoy. with ca.6 people. and we look forward to a good success. Mfg BCG Driver ,
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  17. Hello, we also come with 6 people today MfG driver the BCG
  18. So I think that's good with fatigue but only in single player, if you do that in multiplayer I don't see any more problems with it, because it can lead to many accidents.
  19. Thanks for the follow! 😊

  20. Hello TruckersMP community,


    Scheduled convoy of "05/15/2020", at "19:00 o'clock", on the server Sim2 (Event Server)



    To the route:


    Start: "Oslo"

    Goal: Kiel






    We have informed ourselves about your dedicated events

    Yours sincerely; "Owner of BC G",

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