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  1. Thanks for your follow!😍

    1. berechtigter


      Thank you too! ❤️

  2. Thank you for your team's high efficiency work mode. My problem was solved within 12 hours. I hope your VTC World project can bring us more interesting functional experience. I will continue to play VTC World to support your unremitting work!
  3. I can't install it after downloading the updated version of v0. Three days ago, I tried to report this error to your forum in the form of post, but I didn't get any reply... So, what should I do to solve this problem? PS: I checked the updates in my computer. They are all the latest versions. PPS:This error is This program requires Windows Service Pack 1 or later.Then I can't install it.
  4. This new function is similar to the second-hand truck market? If so, it would be more interesting.
  5. Hello, will the data on the graph be updated automatically as they change? Or do I need to do it manually?
  6. Thanks. I'm trying to download again to solve this problem. If the problem is not solved, I will go to their official forum for help.
  7. Hello, dear developer, when I tried to use VTC World today, I found that it could not be started, and a dialog box failed to load resources popped up. I tried many times, but it still had the same problem. In the afternoon, when I tried to start again, I found that the error message was (408) failed to connect to the server. How can I solve it?
  8. Nice Job!Congrat you!😁

  9. It also shows that VTC.World Is it ready to use with Trucksbook Cilent now?
  10. Happy Birthday!🥰

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Thank you ^_^

  11. VTC.World Let the Euro truck simulator 2 more realistic, I have been addicted to it! Thank you VTC.World Hard work of developers!
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