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  1. i am try message。。。

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    2. timekjz


      But banned is almost over。。。。Mistake banned appeal  Status Still Waiting for admin..........

    3. timekjz


      Manager Can banned be Dismantled?

    4. Nataliia


      This is the last time I am verbally warning you, stop talking about a ban on Forum. Head up to the proper platform, if you cannot appeal anymore, nothing that can be done other than living with it. 

  2. @Μatt

    1. Nataliia


      Hello there,

      I apologize for the frustration this might be causing you, due so much despair in trying to reach the Game Moderator. But, I will remind you that our Forum isn't the place for you to request your ban to be removed, revoked or reduced. If you wish for it to happen, please move to the appealing section of our platform. Fill it and patiently wait for the Game Moderator that banned you to answer.




      Please, use the correct system for doing so. 

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