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  1. No-one can argue there, the only thing I could think of would be a new team of 2/3 dedicated IGA's to take care of convoy's, but I don't see that happening (I guess we would have to go to the suggestions area to find out).
  2. As many here will know the VTC I am in host a lot of convoys, I have driven in them and been controller many times. We do have rules in place asking for drivers to remain in 1 lane at all times, but unfortunately, this rarely ever happens, even with our convoy controllers sending out reminder messages when they see people offending and/ or recording and reporting after the event. Unless an IGA happens to come across the convoy, there is little that can be done about the issue, but as we know, IGA's are very busy and would never have time to babysit a convoy.
  3. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3GJ6eItmfqITTJDN045bmNNWms
  4. M1K3Y

    What we are missing...

    I'm clueless about technology and graphics engines etc. etc. I can't even make an ets2 mod, but I'm shocked no-one has pointed this out yet. Dirt has to load each stage separately, it will load 1 track a few miles long with some static scenery. ETS2 has to have an entire continent loaded and ready to show you on your screen at any time you are passing an area and in SP also has to load moving AI traffic (and pedestrians if settings are high enough). So comparing the 2 graphics engines is like telling a fish it is thick as it can't climb a tree. I agree, they probably should use a better engine, but the 2 games are not comparable, you would need to look more towards GTA or Just Cause (open world free roam games). Although, when you look at other driving sims (not racing sims) (OMSI is only 1 that comes to my mind) ETS2 possibly has the best graphics of them all.
  5. I'm not sure who you have been applying for, but I know you haven't applied to SFH (as you would have to come through me or my team). I have had a quick look (ban history and game hours), I see no reason you wouldn't be accepted (as long as you know the rules and can drive to a good standard as we do have both a theory test and practical driving test).
  6. Just to clear up, the previous 2 pictures of a "rigid" are incorrect... once you add the trailer, they become a truck with a trailer (also known as "wagon & drag" IRL, or "Tandem" in ets2). Technically, they are a "rigid" truck, so long as you remove the trailer. To describe a "rigid" truck properly is easy... It is a truck with a rigid body that has no joins to any trailers.
  7. Great to see so much interest already, look forward to seeing you all there
  8. Hey Leeds, have you managed to successfully get the 750hp engine into the new Mercedes and be able to customize it yet? all the ones I have found and tried so far crash when I start the engine
  9. Hold on..... "speedlimit in the UK ............ (except England, Scotland & Wales)".... so what you mean is "speedlimit in Northern Ireland", as once you take England, Scotland & Wales out of the equation, what else is left?
  10. For those that regard filling log books in a downside to being part of a VTC , there are some VTC's that use custom job logging software to automatically log information about your jobs straight from the game saving the hassle of having to note everything down and filling in the log books on the VTC's chosen site. Yes of course SFH are one of those VTC's
  11. ^ Hi, thanks for your's and your VTC's support, as you may have noticed, we have designed an optional official H64 paint, it is you choice if you wish to use it, or simply put some pink in your official VTC paint, either is fine
  12. Thank's, a lot of work has gone into this, now just hoping all goes well on the day. I think some people may try to complete the whole event, but I think many will fail, but we shall see
  13. Hi Takumi, thanks for the application, I noticed you have applied on our myvtc, I know it is a pain, but could you please apply on http://soarflyconcepts.co.uk/haulage as we have moved there now. Also, could you either add me as a friend on Steam ([sFH] M1K3Y [staff]) or send me a link to your Steam profile. Many thanks, Mike. Personnel Manager.
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