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    I love Apex Legends, ETS2 and ATS. I also help on Discord, forums, and on steam:) Just DM me, and I will be right with you.

    I help in Spanish and English. I am still learning my Spanish, but I do have help to get everything accurate :)
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    California: San Francisco
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    France: Lille
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About Me

I am a helper on TruckersMP Forums and Discord, I can help in areas with a little 🇪🇸 Spanish and I love doing it, I am still  learning my Spanish, so not all translations will be correct, but I do use Google Translate to help me be as accurate as I can 🙂 


Help in languages:

🇪🇸   1-5  I do about 2

🇬🇧   1-5  5

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