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  1. Automatic or sequential, depending on the circumstances.......
  2. @capsfan147 YOU, my friend, are a star! I run a heavily modded game (when I play SP) on pretty high-end system that I've built myself (Threadripper 2950, RTX2080Ti, M2.SSD in RAID0/stripe-set). I could not entirely get rid of the micro stutter/short drops in FPS no matter what I did. Been searching SCS forums and the internet in general. Followed your suggestion about Low in mirror distance, and the micro stutter is now GONE! (Combined with a fair amount of tweaking of the config file and the command line for starting ETS2 in SP). Now, I run a modded game at 2560x1440, everything on Ultra except for "your" setting, and very rarely drop below 80 FPS. Thanks, I owe you a virtual beer, or herbal tea if you're a non-drinker.........
  3. I make an effort to drive as correct as possible, including paying attention to the mirrors (including what my trailer/HCT does), using signals and obeying signs, traffic lights and road markings. Do I mess it up, yes I do, often! But since I IRL have been riding a motorcycle for 25 years where mirrors, signals and obeying the rules literally may save your life, I have hard time switching that survival instinct off even if it is "just" a game.
  4. I have the Thrustmaster TX-kit, and I'm very satisfied. Stable, good locking mechanism, works well with ETS2. Recommended. But, the price is pretty steep and may be a deal-breaker.
  5. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  6. I'll risk chiming in here as newbie-noobie-noob on TruckersMP. I am perfectly fine with the "Road to Simulation"-approach. I'm perfectly fine with the speed limits, giving a little bit of leeway is just perfect, then You have to make some choices and at the same time neutering the Kamikaze-crowd. The GM's may have a speed limit of hyper-speed, god-mode powers and the abilities of turning into bats and wolves for all I care, of course the Provost Marshals should have extremely extended rights and powers. It goes with the territory! They are fekking Yoda here, keeping the dark side of the force at bay. I am a very happy (and new) camper here.... My 0.02$ Peace and love.... OaS
  7. I use a fair amount of mods in ETS2, among them are:. ProMods of course, a must for me. ProjectNG, https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=247693 ReShade with this preset: https://www.nexusmods.com/eurotrucksimulator2/mods/56 And several of JazzyCat's mods: ...and a couple of other ones, but these are the main ones. Cheers OaS
  8. Yeah, as I assumed. I posted it way of in the wrong channel...... see my first sentence......
  9. Thank You very much! I am pretty new to all this TruckerMP-stuff , and how to behave ..... pretty stressed to not screw up and get kicked because of some stupid crash... I was part of a crew back in the Battlefield 2 days who kind of kicked everyone's asses so I am no stranger to online stuff. You are signed on my "who to contact"-list -OAS
  10. First of all, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place on this most excellent administered forum (and I really mean that, stale posts gets moved, everything is...just managed...brilliant) Second of all, this is going to be a long rant and a wall of text......... the admins will put me in my place, if not, the rest of you just have to deal with it! Background: I am 50 years old, and have been playing video games for a long time. To all you grey-beards: Sega, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, VIC 20...and the master of them all, C64. I have always been a first-person-shooter-player, even before I knew it. When Wolfenstein 3D got released back in the in the day I thought: "Yes, this is fekking made for me!!" In all the years after that I have been through them all. CoD, Doom, Quake, F.E.A.R, Deus-Ex, Fallout 4 (modded to the hilt), Haf-Life (all of them), System Shock, and countless others. Then, a while back I got this pop-up on Steam with a sale on something called Euro Truck Simulator 2. I have never been a simulator player (and yes, I played Flight Sim way back when Microsoft released it as their own, we are talking the 1980s here children). But, I checked it out, downloaded Promods (of course, what an aw some thing that is....) Anyway, it was dirt cheap, so I bought it, and a crap load of DLCs.....long story short: I started with mouse and keyboard, now it is Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition with a Lenovo Android pad to run the most brilliant little app, SIM Dashboard. And then things got worse, I became aware of TruckersMP. Was sceptical (viewed the videos from Tony747 and Darwen on YT, this is not for me..), but I registered a couple of days ago. ...I think I am hooked, what an absolutely magnificent community this is, with the cool guys and girls I meet on the road. And the no-pay work that the creators of TruckersMP...and Promods, have layed down, I am amazed. This is one of the best online adaptations of a game I have ever seen, if not maybe the best. As I understand it, SCS, the Promods-crew and TruckersMP all talk together, and get things done....for free! My heartfelt thanks to all You beautiful coders, managers, developers, community ninjas and Game Moderators in your Police-cars, who make all this happen! - OldAndSlow (You'll find me on PM1 if I am not working IRL, driving along at 80 km/h...or below )
  11. Imponerende innsats, spennende prosjekt, kudos! Håper du lykkes med å få dette på lufta, og med skandinaviske sjåfører. Selv så har jeg spilt en del ETS2, men har akkurat begynt å sette meg inn i TruckersMP-verdene (registrerte meg i går! ). ProMods er for meg et must, så i den grad jeg er online så vil det være på PM1-serveren. Tiden er begrenset innimellom jobb og andre IRL-greier, men jeg synes dette virker moro. Og, det er utrolig mange seriøse folk innpå her, heldigvis! Var ganske skeptisk etter å ha sett en del av "Idiot's on the road"-videoene til Tony747 på YouTube... Men, jeg holder meg langt unna EU1 og Calais-området der det ser ut som mye av galskapen skjer......
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