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  1. Wellp thanks for help guys , I drove 30 mins to get this boy for 90€ ( it’s 210€ new on Amazon) pretty good deal, works well so far , see you on the road.
  2. well i wasnt really planning on using a shifter bcs I prefer automatic driving system , and about plastic pedals i guess they wont break that easily?
  3. I've also found a thrustmaster 150 , around same price (not new) , should i pick T150 over G25?
  4. I had G29 last year and sold it bcs i stopped playing, but now im back and i dont wanna spend over 200€ on a steering wheel again tbh, something under 100€ should do it and G25 seems to fit but idk if its any good, i need it just for casual drives few times a week ,nothing crazy
  5. Hello I want to get the Logitech G25 for ETS2 but I dont know if it works well with the game, is anyone here using the g25, is it worth getting it?
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