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  1. Yeah absolutely! Just today I saw a very large white MAN (can't tell which model yet ;P) with the orange LEDs on the grill forming a large 'V' shape, it looked sweet
  2. Recently I've noticed while driving a car in real life that I start to notice trucks a lot more. Like, I actually take time to look at them and notice if they have cool light setups (which some of them do!) and it's made me appreciate the beauty of these giant lorries much more. One other thing I've noticed is that I almost accidentally flash trucks coming my way with my headlights just to greet them - had to stop myself there a few times already haha So yeah just wanted to tell this around because I thought it was pretty funny
  3. Hey @Mircea97, I used to use DS4Windows for my DS4 Controller, however since Steam has upgraded their controller integration I found it to no longer be neccessary. The steam overlay allows you to control EVERYTHING about the controller, I have a few double bindings with long-press on a few buttons, I changed the reaction curves for the sticks to make driving through long curves less twitchy and in general I think Steam does a great job of integrating the DS4 controller. I suggest you look into how it works, it's pretty easy and plug and play. As for the battery problem there
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