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  1. kycbo

    Game not saving

    Normal ETS2 is working now. But in order for TruckersMP to load my settings and everything properly I have to first launch ETS2, quit, then launch TruckersMP. I've checked all the files in the TruckersMP folder, and all unchecked for readme. Still trying to solve this issue, thanks!
  2. kycbo

    Game not saving

    Hi! I recently re-downloaded ETS2 and TruckersMP. Everytime I create a new profile, edit the keybinds and graphic settings (ANYTHING), nothing saves after I reset my PC and come back to the game. For example, I make my first profile, play a little bit, need to do something IRL so I turn off the PC. I come back and launch the game, only to be greeted with menu music which I disabled, and after I sign into my TruckersMP account OR just launch normal ETS2, I see the "choose your name and avatar" screen. This has never happened to me when I previously played ETS2 and TruckersMP 6 months ago. All I did then was uninstall. I have noticed however, that when I launch ETS2 or TruckersMP a document folder with game data is being created in my C:// drive every time, even if I delete it, it reappears. I have a ETS2 document in my steamapps/common file, but also one in my (This PC>Documents). The one in steamapps file mostly containing DLC files, and the one in This PC>Documents containing normal game files. Please I would appreciate any help I can get. Just bought a wheel so I really want to be able to progress through the game! Thanks in advance!
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