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  1. Happy Birthday @TARK777, We wish you the best in the future and Congratulations on your Promotion to Examination Manager! 😜


  2. Celebrating 100+ Community Reputation
    With a Picture :kappa:


    1. RepaiR


      Awesome Photo ^_^

    2. TARK777


      Congratulations bro! :wow:

    3. GutzyTTV


      Thank you @TARK777!


  3. Early Morning Drive towards France

    1. VeLociTy XTRoLl

      VeLociTy XTRoLl

      Great picture! :love:

    2. RepaiR


      Awesome ^_^

  4. I personally love Road to the black Sea, its got some amazing back roads which you'll not find elsewhere and it is also required for ProMods.
  5. I'm Loving the Ford F-Max Truck and Goodyear Trailer Combo 😍


    1. RepaiR


      Awesome ^_^

  6. I Wish AHL a happy 2 year anniversary, I am really glad to help out and I hope that everyone enjoyed the event. I would like to thank Vantage, @VeLociTy XTRoLl@GybelsBavo @Coolio85 @Whitelodge @Piigsy and the rest of the staff team for doing a excellent job! Keep up the great work and hope to help out next year!ets2_20200524_234310_00.png
    Picture taken by @issam0707

    1. issam0707
    2. VeLociTy XTRoLl

      VeLociTy XTRoLl

      Thanks for all your help at the event ❤️

  7. What a beautiful sunrise 😍

  8. Goodluck with your convoy! Hope it goes well!
  9. Theres only three words i need to say (I LOVE IT) The new F-Mod, Realistic Window/sounds Opening/closing, New Trailers, Its just amazing
  10. Currently learning the following languages: Javascript: -discord.js Visual Basic, C#
  11. Over The last couple of days I've made my own Pries Logistics (Holland Style) Truck and I love it
    Made a Scania R Skin,
    Window Stickers,
    Interior Backlight,



  12. I joined TMP late 2018 as i was watching ETS2 Funny Moments and i wanted to experience this. I convinced a couple friends to get it and we’ve played it and had a bit of fun When I’ve received a steering wheel (G27) it changed, i joined amazing VTC’s and really enjoyed the game with Other VTC Drivers.
  13. GutzyTTV

    Engine Sounds

    This new FMOD is amazing but i still prefer my Open Pipe V8 sound mod. Both are better than the stock 1.36.
  14. This seems like a great topic to reply to as I'm in a VTC. I love being apart of a community to meet new people that I've never met before and to experience the something together always puts a smile on my face either its someone Crashing, Flying, or a little love tap is always not intended and gives us something to laugh at. The only times i Drive alone are in Single-player or being ditched when i drive with some “friends”. But Single-player is mainly the only time i drive alone, sometimes you need to take a break from TMP and enjoy the mods and view that single-player provides us with.
  15. Its got to be the Scania 2009, streamline, RJL with Open Pipe sound mod.
  16. I love Single-player, my mods folder is 40gb and i use all of my mods that i have installed ranging from sounds, naturalux, maps and many more. My favourite part is the Naturalux graphics and rain it feels so realistic and driving with a V8 open pipe sound mod is my favourite sound mod of all. I do occasionally go on multiplayer for convoys and a drive or two with some mates but thats all.
  17. MayContest1.png

    1. Colored_Greens


      You love a sprinkle of saturation don't you?

    2. GutzyTTV


      @Colored_Greens Of course looks better than stock



    1. [Gökbörü] Cem

      [Gökbörü] Cem

      Very good video but the tone of the colors is too much. ❤️

  19. I Love it




    1. RepaiR


      Scaniaaa ^_^ ❤️ 

  20. The Ocean Cleanup 2020

  21. Glad to be top 25 in 2020, maybe next year 1st place
  22. Good Year / Single-player


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