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  1. EchoTheHusky

    Hot topic #7: Charity events

    With the birth of Haulage 64 nearly 4 and a half years ago back in 2015, my aim was to bring the community together and encourage others to produce fantastic events with the goal being to help other people, children, animals etc. through selfless donations and raising awareness of various causes. I'd say the community has done pretty well. Since August 2015, together we have raised £11,704.63 and the years isn't over yet! with CiN2018 from WTL just round the corner, I expect us to finish the year on at least £12,500. As far as the requirements go, I also had some input into this earlier this year, I think there does need to be some requirements and regulation into how we raise money as it reflects on the community as a whole when you look at the bigger picture. However, I think there becomes a point where regulations and requirement becomes excessive. When it comes to fundraising though, i agree that the method needs to be foolproof, and all donations go direct to the charity intended. Organising these types of event has become easier over the years, the first step is always the hardest and that's exactly what i took in 2015, but since then I have watched the community grow from 3 Charity events a year in 2015 to 10 in 2018. That's more than I expected. My experiences vary from event to event, I have helped plan and run a number of charity events and each one is different, I have had the pleasure of working with some great people (and some not so great) all with the same goal, and I think its great to see. I do think that the growth of charity events has also sparked and caused growth in community engagement, and personally, we don't do it for fame, but I don't think we are recognised enough. If you are interested in where I am getting my statistics from, I have kept track of it all: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DGmcIQIkbkEUd4P-WtcqInStHMtT41i2s8XcXWK02Bo/edit?usp=sharing
  2. EchoTheHusky

    #TrameriChallenge 2018

    @jonathanrabbitt this one was in Mannheim, I think it's actually the most enclosed and therefore the hardest one to do I terms of the space you have roadside
  3. That's Right, We're Back for a 4th Year, and this year there's so many more TMP staff to vote for! Not only that, we are changing the way have people vote in the community related section. If you own any of the following you will need to enter it using the link below. Once we have your entry, we will enter it into the awards survey before it goes live. Virtual Trucking Company Community Radio Station Event Event Team VTC Platform (eg. VTLog or Trucksbook) Non-VTC Related Community Projects Use this link to enter your project: https://form.jotformeu.com/82717476715365 (THIS IS NOT THE ANNUAL AWARDS SURVEY, ONLY A REGISTRATION FORM FOR PROJECTS) This topic will be changed later to support the main survey for this year.
  4. EchoTheHusky

    #TrameriChallenge 2018

    Prove it I can't wait to see your video @-OZ4N-
  5. Oooohhhh Cheetah has a new name? :thisisfine:

    1. EchoTheHusky


      I do? Wait..... I do!! :P 

  6. EchoTheHusky

    #TrameriChallenge 2018

    Most people wont remember that back in January 2016, there was a challenge offered to the community. The Trameri Challenge. In short the challenge to test the skills of the driver while reversing a trailer through the Trameri Archway. Now I challenge you all to a 2018 edition of the task, reversing either a Double or B-Double through the very same gates. I'll kick it off to prove it can be done. Good Luck to anyone who dares take on the challenge (it's not as easy as it seems)
  7. EchoTheHusky

    Satisfaction survey

    @DJ Jefferz I'm not backseat moderating at all, i just think its a bit stupid that you're trying to argue your points....... there's a feedback system for a reason I'll say again though, I never read that the survey was, nor was intended to be anonymous
  8. EchoTheHusky

    Satisfaction survey

    @DJ Jefferz I think the best thing for you to do is quit while you think you're ahead. You know I conduct the TruckersMP survey towards the end of each year to find out who the communities favorites are, this too goes through a stage of data cleansing to filter out rogue information. It's just how surveys work. I know you think you mean well, but (and im being honest here) how truckersmp decide to carry out a survey has nothing to do with you since your not on the team anymore. The decision to use verification of the TMP profile means the team can verify that the users who have answered are current users, registered with the community, at no point did I read that this is an anonymous survey.
  9. Are you the organizer of Driver4Life?

  10. Alright, I'd like to clear up a misconception that's rolling about relating to the recent community success story.


    As event organisers, we are all grateful and appreciate the acknowledgment and recognition that is for many, overdue. However, the post has led to my name currently being in the light and receiving a lot of praise from you as a community, and as much as I am included in the achievements, I can and will not take all the credit for the achievements of my colleagues who all work equally as hard on their events. Please Go show them some love too


    DJ JogR




    Senka Wolf

    kNex FaNz




    and of course all the others i've missed

  11. EchoTheHusky

    Community Success Stories Part 7 - Supporting Charities

    Thank you @Smalley however I'd like to pass this on to the rest of the organisers in the community DJ JogR AtlasTheHusky BigDave Gamer5 Senka Wolf kNex FaNz SgtBreadStick YamYam and of course all the others i've missed
  12. To those of you who are still in disbelief about the funds from last years Haulage 64 and are still spreading rumors that i'm nothing but a fraudster, i'd like to address the issue.


    Firstly, what is not to believe about the finances? All of the donations and payments verified by @Clarkinator himself. Here is the evidence that what we received, we donated.


    What we received from JustGiving: http://prntscr.com/gol68q

    What we donated to Make-A-Wish: http://prntscr.com/golahl


    As for me being a fraudster, i'm not sure exactly where this came from. I've done nothing but assist and help this community for the last 4 years. Many of you forget, if it wasn't for me and Haulage 64, we most likely wouldn't have other fantastic charity events like Children in Need, Drive for Life, Smokey Paws etc. These are all charity events that are fantastically planned by great people who just wan't to do some good in the world, none of us organize these events with any intention of being fraudulent, we do it because we want to do our part in the world. Speaking of that, do any of you even know what together, we have achieved? Thought not, to give you the facts: https://goo.gl/YW5YUD


    As for the rumors being spread regarding our sponsors this year, if you have no proof of your rumor, don't start it!  Rumors only end up with one person being burned, and it won't be me.

    1. SgtBreadStick


      People just not accepting the fact that people do good things rly. Also i didn't expect to see #ForOreo to show up on the google sheet tho. Hope these rumors stop just like krav should with his spam


  13. EchoTheHusky

    Event server Rules and Requirements need sorting

    My honest opinion. It should be reverted to how it was when the first event server was provided. In order for me to get it, I had to operate Haulage 64 for a year and prove that it was worth a server. I was also given the privilege of admin with 3 key rules which were: You are allowed on YOUR event server ONLY while the permissions are active. You may ONLY ban for legitimate reasons that are listed in either TMP Rules or Published Event Rules, You may ONLY ban for periods not exceeding the published event end time. (any ban length that require extension must be passed to CM/PM) of course that last rule would now probably be game manager or something These rules were NEVER broken by either myself, nor McGamer, however the MP team make out that somehow we did, which is partly why you guys are no longer allowed them. Regardless though, an event should have proven popularity before even being allowed to apply for a server, it was easier on the mp team, it was easier to understand the requirements, and with the above rules; it was easier for the organizer to manage their event. As the rules currently stand, My team and I at Haulage 64 must spend our 8 - 10 months planning what promises to be a great event, only to watch it fall apart on the day because game moderators are "too busy" or "can't be arsed" or "i'm tired" (to name just a few excuses I've been given in the past) There is no denying that Haulage 64 will forever be the grandfather of major public charity events in this community, but with the way things are going with these rules and requirements, it's now seen by truckersmp to be "just another event" instead of a significant milestone/cornerstone of the community. This, in mine and a number of other peoples opinion is an outrageous display of disrespect, and ignorance on behalf of our fearless leaders. Events like Haulage 64, Children in Need, Smokey Paws and Drive 4 Life are all fantastic charity events, and there are many more, but the TruckersMP team seem to be either oblivious or blind to what their community have actually achieved. Lets help them understand by actually showing them. This link displays what we as a community have achieved since 2015, it clearly shows that together, we can be incredibly powerful. https://goo.gl/ymEsRd To sum up, there are considerations that this year may be Haulage 64's last year on TruckersMP servers.
  14. EchoTheHusky

    Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    @scarface0359 it sounds very much like the issues the Virtual Trucking Association has dealt with in the past. One side wants to talk, the other side doesn't. You just gotta know how to handle it properly. I would talk to you, but apparently i'm not good enough.
  15. EchoTheHusky

    Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    You're not going to acknowledge and respond to your communities disappointment @scarface0359 ?