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  1. You are mixing very different things, on the one hand there is the one that is legal to make mods, on the other hand there is the copyright. Just like when you buy a car in real life, you can make modifications to it. The same thing happens with games. ETS2 and ATS support workshops, therefore it is completely legal to make modifications to the game. What you mention about incorporating brands of other trucks, that is already a legal problem, because they will have to pay for the rights to use the brand, in the same way that SCS does it by paying Volvo, Scania and others.
  2. 1. - Creating mods for games is not punishable, there are mods for practically all games on the market with a medium-large community. Great games started out as MODs for other games, such as Counter-Strike and DayZ SA (To mention only 2). 2. - It's a mod, it's a service, they could charge for it. There are many paid mods, both for other games and for SCS games. 3.- In that I agree, it really seems that those who made the rules never drove in their lives, much less read the basics of road laws.
  3. If it were paid, it would work much better, since they would have the resources (or incentive) to keep up. On the other hand, the community would improve drastically, since a server ban would imply a monetary loss for the user. Also the quality of people driving would be much better, they would respect more, use the signal lights better and pay attention to all that. And as for the moderators too, since they would be forced to have a little more conscience and not put anyone as a moderator, lately they are more abusive, kick or ban for no reason, each moderator has their own rules, t
  4. Ceo22


    Sorry for the inconvenience, but I would like to inquire about the trailers. How do I know which trailer each is? What is double or triple? Can I generate a load with my own trailers? I use the "TS SaveEditor Tool" and there are the names of the trailers, such as "Scs Gooseneck Singl_3E_40 Container (80u)". (see image https://prntscr.com/ujtkc7 ) How do I know which trailer is that? It's simple, right? And what does "80u" mean? I am new to all of this and would greatly appreciate your help, thank you very much.
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