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  1. While the new ATS sound is very good, in fact, I wonder how the sound will be like in Europe. As ATS 1.37 introduced a whole new sound. One sad thing is that 1.37 is still quite buggy for now. I wish SCS fixes bugs all and finally release a perfect version in a short time. (I do agree think it’s difficult for them) The SCS’s decision to choose FMOD is very good I think but again it may be too hard work.
  2. I’m very happy to hear that. I should practice driving a beautiful B-triples with my scania truck with plenty of leds and clipping parts(unless it affects others). For people that will do save editing, I want you not to forget server auto kicks.
  3. It depends on the situation. Short distance, drive safely. But if the route is too long, I can't drive safely anymore, my body cannot. So 150km/h becomes the best speed.
  4. Two days ago, My two report had been accepted after 7 hours, so fast!
  5. Maybe, the current TMP roads are too empty to play single. So I prefer convoys. I think there's almost no reason to play single in MP because SP's AI traffics are more than MP's players. Pressing the horn and saying hi when we meet the truck on the other side is not fun enough to play. In TMP, if we drive 500km+, there will almost not be anyone. How boring!
  6. I use a wheel and keyboard, mouse, H shifter. The keyboard is quite hard to reach, so I got one more wireless keyboard. Please tell me if you guys have a good idea to put keyboard.
  7. OH, it's so surprising that it was not the patch of TMP. After I experienced this change, the SP still didn't modify these values. That's why I thought it's because of TMP patch. Maybe they had some changes on it.
  8. Double. Take a look at the second trailer flying away when you steer too much while speeding. It's quite fun to see.
  9. Before, people could drive double/HCT trailers and teleport to service anywhere by editing country_validity in the savegame. It cannot be done in TMP anymore. I found when I turn on TMP after editing these values, the game will revert them to the default value after some updates. Maybe it directly means that we don't have to fight with doubles blocking road in populated areas such as Calais-Duisburg road. How do you guys think about it?
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