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  1. As the title says I'm interested in finding out what the best wheel settings are for the G920/G29, I currently just use it with the stock settings but I'd like to be more realistic if possible!
  2. RockerDocker

    Hated Trucks

    Definitely the Iveco Hi-Way!
  3. I totally forgot about that thing! I 100% agree, hopefully it getts added in.
  4. What truck would you like to see added to ETS2 Next?
  5. As the title says I'm interested in hearing What your favorite location on Promods ETS2/ATS is? Mine is personally the northern water-side cities of Norway such as Kirkenes!
  6. Im not the biggest fan of the Old Volvo & Old Mercedes, the interiors are just way too outdated. I heavily prefer the Iveco Stralis over them.
  7. I just got obsessed with the old Man TGX, It's an absolutely beautiful truck and it feels great too! Looks beautiful man!
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