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  1. Okay thanks for giving me an answer to my question everyone I'll now close this thread since I got the answer I needed
  2. Ah the road from Calais to Duisburg or as I like to call it the highway to HELL
  3. While driving through France I've noticed that it took me much longer to get from Montpellier to the border with Belgium than from Liège to the German border with Poland (A4) so is it just me that feels like France has a larger scale than both Germany and Belgium in-game or do I feel like France has a larger scale because of the higher amount of tolls that make you lose speed. (Also yes I do know that France is larger irl than both Germany and Belgium but I didn't travel through the entirety of France I drove a similar amount of kilometers through both Germany and Belgium)
  4. If I was for example to change my username to something else would others be able to see my previous usernames or not?
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