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  1. In my professional life I previously was a Director of Network Operations for a City (12 years) . I get the cost of what I am suggestion. Now I am an Exec for a Non Profit media company that has members (7 years) so I am constantly thinking of ideas for revenue generation now . I think I have an idea for here that will add to the user experience as well as generate some significant revenue that will offset the cost of the suggestion as well as provide a higher stream of cash flow. Suggestion Name: Patreon Anti-Idle Timer Benefit. (Yes I know stick with me) Suggestion Descript
  2. Suggestion Name: Ability to Map joystick buttons to Citizens Band (CB) functions Suggestion Description: I would like the ability to map a joystick (Or Keyboard) button to the following TruckersMP functions. 1. Power On/Off CB Radio 2. Volume up / Down of CB Radio 3. Switch Channel (Up/down) of CB Radio Any example images: I am not sure how I would provide photos. I think it is a code modification. Why should it be added?: I think the CB radio is a great function of the TruckersMP program. Adding these features will add to the usability and enjoyment of the p
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