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  1. Fernado i did try to swerve but it did nothing, And i did say sorry and he didnt care, Anyways thanks for all the replies, I might start using OBS so long as it doesnt lag.
  2. I didn't use winter mod as an excuse tho, The first time i had ever been banned i reduced my speed by a lot, but this guy was on a hill that i couldn't see over, and when i could, it was too late, i did try and brake without trying to lock the wheels up, but no luck, and he goes on about how he reports everyone, its a bit unfair, you may have different opinions tho. and forget my first topic that was utter rubbish of me to say that Reaper9518. Also don't forget, I don't try use winter mod as an excuse to avoid a ban, all i said was sorry i tried to brake, not really using it as an excuse
  3. most people just say ''rec ban'' for even the smallest of accidents, ones that are not intentional, i was doing about 40-60 KM/H, i go over a hill and then suddenly i see a truck, i slam on the brakes but accidentally rear ended him, thing is i couldn't see him over the hill to the last second, and then hes like ''Rec ban winter mod isn't an excuse'' i didn't use that as an excuse, so i'm probably gonna get banned for 9e9 years because of a small accident, but meanwhile this is going on: https://prnt.sc/r6ir11 https://prnt.sc/r6ir38 and they don't get banned, so what if an accident happens, everyone does it!, Yeah just totally let the people who ram and be annoying not get banned but us people who do accidents that are not intentional get banned for close to a weak! great!
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