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  1. A few topics down you wouldve seen this: Why start another thread about the same subject.
  2. Im not blaming cars...the OP did. What problem do you want solved......bad driving trolls? Youll never solve that issue. Theyll always be here...you ban a few....new ones replace them. I dont report because its wasting my valuable time. Ive found a way to entertain myself, give them a taste of what theyre doing, and not wasting time. Dont give me the "youre contributing to the probem" crap because its not. Again, it must be working....no reports have been filed on me....no complaints....at all. The only people that are angry are the trolls...and im sure it because they threw t
  3. I could care less about the cars in this game. I bought one and im not impressed....they handle like pure garbage. Heres the thing.....most people so far thats driving these cars (this is only from my short perspective) are only out to troll the big rig drivers. Most of the time i see them driving like complete fools....and theyre doing it on purpose, its really that obvious. Theres been a few times...that these folks pick spots to park in the middle of the road to purposely block the road. I am familiar with most of these spots now. Ive decided to just do a good o
  4. First person (inside cab) when driving. Third person to maneuver in tight places and parking.
  5. Ill be buying this as soon as its released. To me, its a small price to pay for many many trips that ill be making through that state.
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