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  1. My guess is Manchester City will win the Final with this style of play.
  2. Bonsoir. Téléchargez un programme VPN et exécutez le sur votre ordinateur. Téléchargez le en tant que fichier exe et non en tant qu'extension chrome. Lancez ensuite le téléchargement avec le VPN activé. Votre problème sera résolu. fs7-
  3. I spend more time in Sim1. It's better to see more drivers.
  4. My favorite is the city of Linz. It looks very nice with its new look.
  5. I prefer standard trucks. Because I like to play the game originally.
  6. I mostly carry loads that require refrigerated trailers. ( tuna, cheese, etc.) I also carry different loads, but mostly these.
  7. Chicken pasta and broccoli.
  8. Leon? Congratulations Brooooo 😅🥳

    1. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      Thank you :HaulieLove:

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