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  1. Check it again, you're asking for an identical server to EU4 server refering to EU2 server. It already exists. As we can see the only difference btw EU2 and EU4 is the disabled collisions (exactly what you ask for) So?
  2. You were saying remove collision on EU2 because you want a server that already exists (EU1). What should i understand from this nonsense? At the beginning EU1 was the "main" server anyway, slowly people migrated to EU2. Guess why. Slots have nothing to do with it if there are no people willing to play on a limited server. Non-collision would mean a total mess, like it currently is in every single company yard at drop points, 20 trucks one on top of each other, people driving through your cabin and such stuff, doesn't make much sense. And there's already a non-collision server for people that are into that kind of stuff. Let me translate your proposal: Remove EU2 server so people should be forced to join EU1 or EU4, servers that you want to play on but you don't play on because you don't like the fact that the majority doesn't like what you like. You do realize EU2 with collisions off is EU4 right? We already have that.
  3. So basically you say no one likes to drive with 90km/h in a game. And you are mad about that fact and you want to "force" them to join the server you love so much. But not everyone has 5 free hours a day to complete a delivery driving at 90km/h, and throwing the idiot word around doesn't make you look smarter at all. You people say there's 500 players on the EU1 and say EU2 is impossible to play on, but in reality EU2 is always full and the "realistic" server always empty. Looks like 90% of the players like the "impossible to play on/racing/demolition derby" server. You can't force people to like your boring tastes and the fact that you can't handle more than 90km/h. Even if a crash happens... so what? It's a game, you can continue, there's even the /fix command, no big deal unless you're a crybaby. If you don't like that crash that happens rarely you should join EU1 and that's it, or the non collision server. And i don't like to race around like all those people you named there with empty trailers and 50000bhp mods, but i don't like being limited at 90 on a 1000km straight highway also. The server you want is already there, the problem is no one really likes your way of playing a video game. Now you can go ahead and swear because i don't agree with your opinion
  4. There's no point, you already have the EU1 simulation server. Maybe add cars there if you want too. EU2 is perfect at the moment, nothing should be changed to it. You basically ask to ruin EU2 server just because you want a server that already exists!? No sense. @FernandoCR [ESP] You drove 50000km but i think you drove all those km on calais duisburg. That's just a 200km road of the entire map. Except that, anywhere you go on that huge map you rarely find someone not following the rule. Driving with 90km/h max at all times even on straight highways is boring enough, you can go on EU1 for that or activate your speed limiter in the game.
  5. I like how people start sliding around with the new snow mod, now it kinda looks like a real sim 


    1. dragonslayingmaster1000


      It does make it more like a simulator and it would be nice if the physics mod was required so people would drive better. I really hate when people go over 60 km/h when turning. With the winter physics though you need to go about 10-20 km/h on turns.

  6. I know it is not the truckersmp mod, but you guys posted the link to it so basically you're supporting that stuff more or less indirectly. I would have some doubts myself if it were for me to share such a link to a huge community like truckersmp is. It doesn't even work at the moment, good thing the community is awesome and some people know about the serious hosting websites available out there. Regarding that post idk anything about it, i haven't even seen anything related to the wintermod in the launcher (i think that's what it is about). Maybe i missed that update or something but i didn't know it happened.
  7. I think the reason "it cannot be downloaded through the launcher" is that they need to spam you with malware and ads from that weird website. If it would have been something serious it would have been hosted on Mega or some serious hosting site that doesn't just spam garbage and ask you to give permission for notifications lol. And in the end, after spamming 2-3 ads it doesn't even download the mod. I get the fact that they want to get that 0.01 cents for a click on the ad, but this is just too much.
  8. What can you expect from regular players when an admin ignored all the trolls around and doesn't know what having a right hand turn signal on and giving way to other driver means? If i'd act like a troll forcing and ramming my way into the main traffic probably i wouldn't even get a kick... Sorry, but minecraft experience doesn't really help in this game. Waiting for this update to get locked ASAP. 


    1. weezy


      He probably didn't see what happened there in the first place so he maybe thought that you were parking there. Mistakes happen. If you still wish to complain, feel free to submit a Feedback Ticket here: https://truckersmp.com/feedback



  9. Instead of banning toxic people we get new speed limits... there are going to be rammers even at 25 km/h as long as nobody bans them.

    1. Mika L.

      Mika L.

      @RedBull108 I would like to tell you about a great tool called 'The report tool' or 'report system' which you can find on the website: https://truckersmp.com/reports. If you download a free video recording software and begins to record when you play, you can upload your videos and make sure these toxic people gets banned. The admins can't be everywhere and look at 3700 people at once. :)

  10. Waiting for a moderator to tell me how playable this experience is [I should add from the last time, not only ban people with ping over 100, ban people that can't achieve more than 30 fps with their celerons, this is not 2006 anymore]: 




      should of left distance tho



    2. ScaniaFan89


      Why did you get right up behind him, when i see someone lagging like that i back right off so that hopefully doesn't happen! 

    3. RedBull108


      You could just ask: Why do you play? You know you'll get rammed by laggers and trolls every 5 mins.

  11. Why are people with ping over 75-100 ms allowed to play? They should play on their american servers and not ruin the EU servers because they can't afford good internet connections, such people should be banned when their pings are over 75-100ms 


    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. RedBull108


      Catchy tune right there, now when trolls/laggers/cheaters will crash into my truck i will remember this catchy tune.



    3. Hairy Goober

      Hairy Goober

      General rule I stick with is if I'm driving close enough to light up their tailgate, I'm too close. I don't remember the last time I hit a desyncer, and I've got around 700hrs on EU2, 450ish on both the EU and US ATS servers.


      Now as for people that tailgate getting rekt thanks to my spiky 160-240 ping...screw em. Wish it worked like that in the real world.

  12. Ok, so it will be again on a 250 players server that when you finally manage to get past the 1 hour of waiting in the queue, you get an error and it kicks you out. I don't think i'm even going to bother wasting my time like the last time.
  13. Sadly some admins are a bad joke in this game: 


    1. Aestrial


      In my opinion (and I'm sure many others) that was a justifiable kick, as you where driving down the middle of the road.


      If you have a complaint, send it here - [email protected] 


      It was just a kick, noting to worry about.

    2. Mirko9


      This is very interesting.

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