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  1. Dear truckersmp - team and dear other readers, I often played the Multiplayer, because i had none other maps. For 2 months i got all map expansions from the ets2, so I could also drive in other modification maps. One of these is the Heilbronn 1:1 Map. This map is also my favourite. So this is the reason why I want to ask the team, if they could include the Heilbronn Map and to ask you, if you want the same. Why I do not play at the promods? So, I wanted to download the map on the official website and it doesnt work. I also dont want to drive five minutes to arrive my finish. I like the 1:1 really much. I would very gratefull, if i got a answer from the team and if i got a confirmation from the other players. Sorry for my bad english. Sincerely, Arthur
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