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  1. Yeah you are right. I could add another keyboard language but why should I ? I belive a mod like this one should be compatible with any type of keyboard, especially since the are quite a lot of people using it. Anyways I am going to use the "ALT + 6 + 4" solution.
  2. Hi there, I love the new login screen, it looks really good and I am glad the small launcher that poped up is gone. But it would be great if I could normally login. I am unable to write the character "@". On my keyboard I have to press "ALT Gr + Q" to create this character but when I try that on the login screen it first of all does not create the charcter and secondly I cant write anything anymore. This means I have to copy my e-mail from another place and paste it into the login just to login. I really could use some help with this.
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