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    Spain, Asturias
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    I like simulators, truck, trains, cars, all that has wheels

    Driving Trucks since 2008
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    California: San Diego
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    Denmark: København
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    Spanish, english, some portuguesse, some italian

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About Me

I´m preparing for the Private security group. I love trucks, trains, ships, cars... 


Favourite game genders: MMORPG, Simulators


Trucks: DAF XF, Scania R, Mercedes MPIV, Volvo FH16


Sub-Creator of the most active spanish VTC TransIberica




Spanish: My native languaje

English: -Writing skills : High level

             - Oral skills : High level (do not think bad about "oral skills" -_-)

Future languajes I want to learn: 1)German, 2)Russian, 3)italian


Always available to help people in ETS/ATS problems ;)


When Did I started to "work" as a Support member in TruckersMP?

I started on April 2016, and right now I´m really proud and happy with all of my partners (IGAs, Moderators, support, media...)


When Did I started to "work" as a Moderator member in TruckersMP?


I started on August 2016 :)


Future plans?

I will keep on making my best here at TruckersMP, finish the FIRS title (highest english level), as well as Im working in the CNP (Cuerpo Nacional de Policía) Or National Police Corse, which I consider a dream :D 

The situation here in Spain is really bad. Will you leave the country?


I´ve thought it on that several times, but my answer is no, I think I´ll keep living / working in Spain.


My personal social pages:


Instagram: roberlg98 -> be polite :)

Twitter: ETS.I.D (International Truckers) -> I´ll tweet SCS, farming... news.

YouTube: In progress :P

Twich: Sunort



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