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  1. @sQueaky I mean more when I'm in the game. this website can't help me while I'm in the game
  2. welcome dude

    1. [Legend Legion]#Barış70

      [Legend Legion]#Barış70

      thanks .. I have been playing since 2016 but it is only now that I notice that I have to sign up here

    2. [Legend Legion]#BuraKygz

      [Legend Legion]#BuraKygz

      Zuhahahaahahaha tamam tamm kesin öyledir

    3. [Legend Legion]#Barış70

      [Legend Legion]#Barış70

      girip bakabilrsin yaaniiiiiii :) :D 

  3. It's so hard to find some players sometimes in the player list when you drive and gonna report him. I think it can be easier if somone can make a comand eksample: (/report playernumber) It could just be an idea? good trip out there
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