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  1. @Lasse A method of detecting the cars would be for the game to detect the car's wheels which are unique to cars only and then adjust the speed limit accordingly. This detection feature is already implemented for police lights so that admeeens can use sirens (which are all server side), so theoretically it would be possible to have a different speed limit for cars as the server can detect that they are different from trucks. Practically though, the speed limit for cars should not exceed 80 mph as that is the speed limit in atsmp for all vehicles and that hasn't led to disastrous consequences. The handling of the Skoda (and any future cars) will always be a limitation. Regards, Quality_Productions
  2. Congratulations on the additional role!

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  3. In the skoda with the 1.8 tsi especially, the engine and interior sounds such as the indicator cut out depending on how many players are in proximity to me. Regards, Quality Productions
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    Finally figuring out how to take some decent photos!

  5. It would be great to have more customization for the scout. +1
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  7. Suggestion Name: ETS2 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVENT Suggestion Description: On the week of the 10 year anniversary of ETS2, open a server that only supports version 1.0 of ETS2. The server would be freeroam with collisions (speed limit of 150km/h), however all standard tmp rules would apply. Any example images: Why should it be added?: This event would help all tmp players to appreciate how far truckersmp and euro truck simulator 2 have come, and also would provide some great nostalgia and retro vibes.
  8. The rotation and motion blur is done in photoshop, right?
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