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  1. Happy Birthday! I wish you a pleasant game!

  2. Yea i think g_disable_beacons 1/2 both work fine. But 2 looks so weird so imma stick to 1. Do i need to put this command in console everytime i enter the game?
  3. Hi guys, so i got this configuration: I5 10600KF RX480 8G 16GB I wanted to ask you, why when i'm passing some guys who have the new strobe lights on are droping my fps? This started happening since 1.40 update From 68-72 fps i'm feeling like the fps drops to 30 and it has a desync type of lag i dont know how to explain it. I also disabled secondary veh lights from Graphics options What should I do or disable?
  4. I decided to stay with 1080p 300% scaling. Also what reflection scaling are you playing with 50, 100 or 200? Thank you ? @Stubborn___
  5. Thank you, what photo would You choose from those three photos?
  6. Hi guys, i have a question. Which is better for looks 1080p 300/400 scaling or 1440p 200 scaling? I also tried 4k 100% scaling[Got the best FPS but my PC is turning into a plane] I need to mention that the fps is kinda the same, 4-5 fps more in 2K vs 1080p. I made some photos but i can't really see the difference : https://imgur.com/a/Hx4aDV3 Thank you!
  7. Unchiu Gabi


    Yo guys does someone know when the 1.40 update will come? SP ETS2 came out of beta and now the version is 1.40 I really can't wait to play mp on 1.40
  8. Thank you bro I already said that thing but thank you for your effort Solved topic! Peace
  9. So guys i'm having a small problem that annoys me a bit. When I drive in MP especially in crowded places. People in front of me like 300-400m ahead are appearing, disappearing and appearing again[DRAW| SMOOTHING DISTANCE AT MAXIMUM] Does somebody have this problem too? So I'm asking if I change this Draw Distance in config file would my problem disappear LOOK : https://imgur.com/a/6s8WaKT Thank you!
  10. Thank you, guys. I only record when i'm pissed on someone and report him. I got like 15-16 reports Peace! Solved Topic!
  11. Hi guys, how can I find if I was reported on website? Thank you
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