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  1. Unchiu Gabi


    Yo guys does someone know when the 1.40 update will come? SP ETS2 came out of beta and now the version is 1.40 I really can't wait to play mp on 1.40
  2. Thank you bro I already said that thing but thank you for your effort Solved topic! Peace
  3. So guys i'm having a small problem that annoys me a bit. When I drive in MP especially in crowded places. People in front of me like 300-400m ahead are appearing, disappearing and appearing again[DRAW| SMOOTHING DISTANCE AT MAXIMUM] Does somebody have this problem too? So I'm asking if I change this Draw Distance in config file would my problem disappear LOOK : https://imgur.com/a/6s8WaKT Thank you!
  4. Thank you, guys. I only record when i'm pissed on someone and report him. I got like 15-16 reports Peace! Solved Topic!
  5. Hi guys, how can I find if I was reported on website? Thank you
  6. I mean that thread is 3 years old. I dont know what to do. When I started playing ets2mp i had some 8600gt 512mb from nivida(2015-2016) and now i got a prebuilt pc like 1.5-2years ago so those are the specs
  7. I still didn't get it. It still lags
  8. I'm sure my game can run smoothly at 300 scalling ultra. I'm not giving up on graphics just for that.
  9. Hi guys, I saw that everybody experienced this bug. But it was like back in april or 2019. We're almost in 2021 so when I'm in Calais-Duisburg or Leaving those 2(Even if there is only me or 2-3 more players on tab) my game drops from 75fps(vsync) to 20 or something. Is this normal in 2021? In 2015-2016 when it first appeared truckersmp i didn't experience this lag(Also i was playing on a very bad PC- Windows Xp) Also, in this video from Darwen at 3:50 minutes that guys doesn't have lag. How is this possible? My PC Config: i5 4570(3.2-3.6Ghz) RX 480(
  10. Oh. You can close the topic. Thank you all
  11. Also, are there any heavy cargos which i can use? (I have only these dlcs): https://imgur.com/a/9o8y7z0
  12. Well, and as I can see you need to have the Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC and Heavy Cargo.. So, I'm going to stick with the normal ones or the 1.39 trailers. Thank you. Can you send me some?
  13. Yea, it was answered. But can someone do it for me if i leave my profile here or how does it work?
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