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  1. Hi Kuuritott,


    do You have Lucia day in Estonia? We have Lucia day today 13.12.


    -- luomakivi --

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    2. Kuurihiir


      i have  Soundcloud but  i make very  weird music, no proffies and mor elike  mixes   may call this experimental but electronic music.

    3. luomakivi


      Hmm. Electronic ok. But it should be quite neutral for home builders, they are Finns (but all finns are not Heavy Metal or psykedic music funs). You understand – Music for sedan car. Happy family (mainly 2 children ones and 1 dog) from my pics, vids and my friend architect specks. So nothing experimental.


      Like Dire Straits very relaxing song, Telegraph road. Your update from this: 


      to 2020's.


      Originall, 14'18'':  I need only 30'' updated without solist or solist very quiet. Nearly hearable..


      Hey Kuurirott, upload something "easy" to youtube. Publish it with password. Remember to send URL and pass to Finland to Leo alias -- kiviluoma --


      All the good, Leo


      PS. As always in these toy computers some bug version fixed nearly every day and now TruckersMP can not launch ETS. Yep, yep. I go to pub. I should have 50 € back there from one non-trucker in real life.


      PS2. Good luck With g29. When thinking normally it should bypass G27. But You'll have lots adjusting and configuring to do. I think in g29 You can adjust better than in g27. or why they did it then.


      Tell me tomorrow. I'm totally † to trucks and sw updates to go with them every 24 hours..


    4. Kuurihiir


      Mutch mutc  elictronic than  this you tube what you gaves to me. And my  music have not vocal just  music.

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