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  1. Happy birthday to a former admin. I wish you a wonderful future, no matter where this ends up.   

  2. can you pls Pm me?

    1. Biggi


      Why can't you pm me?

  3. Please don't share that link again. Our users have reported it.

    1. MetaltigerEU


      Reported for what exactly??? o.O

  4. Trucks are made to only go 90KM/H as they do In Real Life, This is a simulator, and the Devs want to keep it as real as possible. But as the guy above said, it's disable-able in the options, But.. The speed will be limited on all other servers but the Free roaming one(s)
  5. Wondering how to fill this out with a smartass comment.

    1. xXBlazieXx


      lol. theres always a way

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