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  1. Thanks for the follow🫠

  2. There is no delivery quota to achieve. This event is to showcase a plethora of real world scenarios to experience in one designated zone.
  3. Simple solution, Just give a little more patience and provide more distance between you and the player in front. This gives you additional reaction time for any calamity's ahead. Keeps yourself safe, and anyone behind safe as you won't be braking as hard to compensate. See no point in segregating people due to region and/or ping. If they're ping is too sporadic or high, the system will recognise this and will kick them for unreliable connection or high ping respectfully.
  4. I’ve been watching it since I was a kid. Still remember the Team “Jordan” competing back in the early 2000’s and their signature Yellow Car. Such golden times of formula 1.
  5. Because these servers are Simulation servers, use by the members of the community in & out. To ensure safe atmosphere and to keep it as close to real life as possible, these servers have restricted speed limits. We do have Arcade servers exactly for these reasons, if you wish to not be restricted by speed limits and want to have fun with your friends, There are 2 Arcade servers available with No Speed Limit restrictions and No Collision with No Road Rules enforced. Regarding TruckersMP 10th Anniversary, we have just concluded these events which you may have missed. We had a No Road Rules server opened for this event to allow players to enjoy crashing into each other while being able to access police cars as part of the festivities. There is a archived post with more information on the event and what was conducted. There is even a fantastic video showcasing the event, on a special made island by our in-house add-on team.
  6. You are driving on Sim 1 - This server has a server wide speed limit imposed of 68MPH (110K/mh) This is for Simulation reasons. If you wish to drive faster, other servers have different speed limitations. You can find which servers have different speed restrictions via the server page - Here For instance, Simulation 2 has a speed restriction of 150K/mh
  7. Hello. The TruckersMP cargo is reserved for “Master Trucker” patron tier. If you are not subscribed to this tier, then sadly you will be automatically kicked for attempting to use this cargo type. You can find more information regarding our patron tiers in the link - Here
  8. Thank you for the follow 😋

    1. .Demønic_Angel.


      Always :wee: 


  9. Still wonder what the new ETS2 vehicle is going to be
  10. Appreciate the follow. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the follow.

  12. Happy Birthday 🙂

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