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  1. good afternoon community, I have this error that comes out when I hit the left start button. I already bought my truck and everything and I want to start looking for deliveries but when you click on it, the following appears: PD: It should be noted that this does not happen when I make quick deliveries, that is, without my own truck. It only happens when I'm going to use the truck and go free around the world. PD2: Excuse the translation, I actually speak Spanish and I'm using this.
  2. I still can't enter the game, PLEASE HELP ME!
  3. Hi, thanks for responding seriously. There I send you everything regarding what you requested, however I must tell you that I did not find the crash.log. What I did find was game.log and game.crash that I went up to Pastebin.com https://pastebin.com/bzrpaTen
  4. Good community, I need urgent help because I get this: Attached image. I've been like this since the last expansion of Black Sea, I need solutions. Thanks in advance PD: Sorry for translate, i'm really speak spanish.
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