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  1. Well I'd at first thanks @TheRealKing for his follow. 


    Now back to serious things. I've disable the option to users to contact me via Direct Message on Discord. I like to have interactions with community and it won't stop, but there is some limit. I'm not your Uber Eat, I'm not a robot, and I very hate people who add me just to say to their friends "hey you have seen that I've staff members in my friendlist" or to join their VTCs or Discord Servers.


    Stop to play with generosity from users. If we want to join your VTC, we'll do it BY OURSELVES. If we want to play with your convoy VTC, then we will by ourselves too. We're enough responsible to take actions by our own. We don't need you to making us interested and join your VTC, Discord Server, Rocket league Clan, your Twitch channel, your horse-riding club or whatever in our DMs. We're users with just some magic power, we're not your parents so please stop it.


    And that's funny because it's very usual but only for staff members and not to users after discussing with some in DMs. It is more annoying than DMs about ban appeal, for real. It's really annoying how people can abuse of our generosity.


    Then now, it will be simple. For those I know, having mutual respect, etc, I'll accept invitation friends in Discord if it's not already done.


    Otherwise, if you don't meet what's written above, then you'll blocked.


    But as I said, I'll maintain my interactions on Discord and Forums but don't forget that everything have their acceptable limits.


    Thanks for your understanding.

  2. Route: 🇧🇪 Liège/Luik/Lüttich, Belgium ⬌ 🇸🇪 Linköping, Sweden - Server: Arcade








  3. Well, we're now the 1st November. So don't hesitate to visit some loved persons who have gone too earlier.


    It's also important to enjoy of your life, your family, your girlfriend/boyfriend and your friends before they leave us.


    I understand it in 2015. When I was 14 years old, I was in the best of myself thanks to my first love. The 10 February 2015, we're going to a fast-food. It was planned to go there and then doing shopping for her, it was annoying me but I loved her so I accepted. When we leave the bus, we want to take a pedestrian crossing but at that moment she get a call and so she was walking slowly so I took a little more distance to let her and her aunt talk. I was checking my message as my mom tells me to come back at home for 18.00h. At that moment, everything changed for me. She got hit by a car. She died a few minutes later, just 30 seconds before ambulance arrived. It was too late.


    If I've regrets, of course, I've. If I took a lesson from it, yes. If you have a family, friends or others, take the time to enjoy with them, don't hesitate to have some funny or love moments. Also don't forget they are now in peace but we must never forget our loved died family. It took me some years to mourn but now, I'm feeling in peace with myself even if I cannot forgive myself to haven't keeping safe her.


    It was a sad story but I tell it to give you the lessons that I've learnt. 

  4. Hey guys, @XioPlay is on live, check it out: 


  5. Courage mes amis français, vous allez vous en sortir. De toute façon, il est fort probable que la Belgique vous rejoigne dans ce confinement.

  6. What a come back :kappa:



  7. Nothing to say, is it not? @Mr Barbecue Octogone

  8. Suggestion Name: Mail Notification for Recruitment Suggestion Description: A button which will change an option in a SQL Column to which will allow or disallow to receive a mail when a recruitment for a specific role is planned. It look kinda like a newsletter. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Positive: The most important communications are given by mail, whatever the company. In a study case in 2015, a few analysts have done a statistic about Email engagement. They concluded that 52% have opened and read
  9. Joyeux anniversaire Ccowie, profite!

    1. DJ ccowie

      DJ ccowie

      Merci beaucoup! Bonne journée!

  10. @GGF MD @Grundii nice to see you back 😉

    1. Caernage


      Yeah you right but I meant a comeback too close to HALLOWEEN BOOOOOUUUU 👻 :RIP: :kappa:there is no coincidence, tell the truth! :kappa:

    2. GGF MD
    3. Sistiblee.
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  11. Heya Bossik, sorry for saying that later but happy birthday dude

  12. I'm really glad to see the first one who trusted on me here, who gave my chance to join the TruckersMP Team in 2017:


    Thanks LoG



      Hey! Thanks for your kind word! You did your best when you were supporter. You are awesome :)

  13. Rattrapons le temps perdu et prenons les armes contre ces voyous de la C-D
  14. Joyeux anniversaire bg, profite bien de ton annif gros

    1. HérissonMan


      Mercii beaucoup @Caernage ! Ça fait plaiz' 😉

  15. Happy birthday Joe 💪

  16. Gelukkig nationale feestdag / Bonne fête nationale / Happy Belgian national day


  17. Joyeux anniversaire Yoyo!

    1. Yoyo_ManSg


      Merci Caernage. Tu dates ! 😂

    2. Caernage


      En effet mais je suis toujours présent en arrière-plan et tracasse pas de quoi :)

  18. 👀 Something is cooking? :kappa:


    1. Winter~
    2. Caernage


      HEY @Tuna_ ! I'm going better than before as I'm now an uncle since a few days ago. :)


      I'm also doing something as you can see above ( note: it's NOT a new MP, it's a social network )


      And so, I'm feeling better, hope the same for you and the team! Wby? ^^ 💪

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  19. Qu'est-ce qui n'est pas un steak? Une pastèque
  20. Congrats lychee!

    1. Linciano


      Thank you! :D❤️

  21. Thanks to all who have wished me a happy birthday yesterday.

  22. Finally back at home and fully available for TruckersMP ^^

  23. Today is the Belgian Veterans Day, recognition and commemoration for them. Including also our 10 Belgian Para's who have been killed the 7th April 1994.


    Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, we cannot celebrate it as planned. But we can even celebrate it at home such as putting the Belgian flag in Discord Profile Picture and also at window, in your garden or whatever you want.


    I'd like thanks @Smoky_TMP to have replaced his Discord PP for this special day!


    We ( Belgian people ) must never forget them, our heroes, and theoretically my fallen brothers in arms.



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