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    Two problems

    tried to put truckersmp as an exception on firewall + executing as administrator, checked if the communications option in sound (on windows) is on "do nothing" : it was. None of them worked if someone has an idea Ok seems like The Englishman's solution seems to work, there is no sound cutting but no one's talking (i don't know if i got lucky somehow). Also i noticed a new update i'll give it a try back to CB 19 to see if it works. EDIT : Nope still the same problem it even works when i test my own microphone too. (but before could play without problems while not being in CB19) i'll have to stick to another CB until i see if the problem will be present on my new PC too let's just put that as solved. Thank you guys !
  2. Mous004

    Two problems

    the last update fixed the freeze issue, i tried to see if it wil fix my no sound issue but the issue is still there and i didn't even saw the microphone of a player activate itself. i'm gonna try to see what happens with The Englishman's solution (i would honestly prefer to be able to hear players since my keyboard is broken i won't be able to chat very well with text. I'm even using visual keyboard right now) EDIT : the problem still persists even when i mute players microphones
  3. Mous004

    Two problems

    Hi i have two problems (well more than two but if it works i don't care :D) : 1) EDIT 2 : the problem is still there (small freeze when a player appears near me) 2) game works normally but if a player decides to talk with microphone it kill every sound of the game i have then to finish my mission then close the game, is there a solution for that ? Thank you
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