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  1. I go back and forth just to change up the pace a little bit. Like to vary between the trailers along with flatbeds.
  2. I had the same issue with both ATS and ETS2, I had to downgrade to the lower 1.36 and then both versions worked.
  3. I have only had ATS and when I installed MP of course I only checked the ATS box. Now that I have ETS2, do I just have to run the install again so I can select both ETS2 and ATS box, or is there some other way to install ETS2 MP? Thanks
  4. I had this same issue last night with a heavy haul, when I detached, I jumped (not very far) and received 100% damage but was able to tow to service station and get fixed. On mine the trailer went with me to the service station so I was able to deliver after getting fixed. After being towed I saw the same screen you saw, but just forced closed and reopened MP and everything was fine, was at service station with trailer.
  5. I use 3 monitors when I play using nVidia Surround, and it used to work fine, but now when MP loads I see the login screen like what is shown below. Again it used to look fine and I had no issue logging in, is there a way to fix this? Looks fine if I just use a single monitor. Thanks
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