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    I like playing simulation games which include Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, Grand Theft Auto, Farming Simulator 2019.
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  1. Was the winter modification removed because when i went to the main page of TruckersMP to search for the winter modification I was unable to find it. 

  2. Good morning everyone hope everyone is going as planned for you. 

  3. Hello and thank you for the follow. 

  4. What do you mean that your profile is broken I am not understanding you correctly so I can not give you the proper information or suggestion you are requesting. However to clarify something the only way you will get banned by the management team of TMP is if you break one of their rules.
  5. Some of my screenshots recently from being on single player

  6. I am going to miss you all but my time on TruckersMP has come to an end. I am tied up with other games and I have had it beyond my breaking point with trolls. I will be deleting my account shortly. I will miss you all. Take care be safe and remember to follow the rules no matter what


    1. Truckerpilot


      Sad to see you go bud. Hope that you will be back in the near future. Until then Have a good one and all the best in your new ventures and in life! 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Sad to see you leave :( Hope you come back someday

  7. So last night I went to bed and had my heat turned off. However when i woke up this morning it was below thirty-two degrees in my house. Thank god my heat works amazingly well and my coffee was able to heat up quite quickly 

  8. Well what about us from the United States are you going to try and help us out with better connections or how will that work. I mean I understand the focus you guys are doing but you have to consider the large amount of people from the United States that enjoy multiplayer as well.
  9. This trailer speaks the truth. Let us form a bond like no other and let us help these people. Their lives have been turned upside down, their properties lost forever but one thing they still have is hope and we are here to give them a reason to smile

  10. Good morning everyone hope all is going well. Just woke up a little while ago. Got my first cup of coffee and already want another cup XD. Should be live streaming in a few hours so remember to come by and hang out and hit that follow button


  11. Hello sir and thank you for the assistance. Can you assist me in deleting my last posting please. For some unknown reason I can not delete it thank you sir

    1. Pillow


      Your post is marked as deleted for me, and will be permanently deleted in a month. 

    2. Twitch.tv/Rebelwarrior198


      Thank you sir and good day and once again thank you for the assistance you have provided to me.

  12. Going live on American Truck Simulator. Come by and hang out and remember the roads are slick

  13. Go live shortly while doing some loads. Come by and hang out

    1. #51 Junior_002_BJ Plane
    2. Twitch.tv/Rebelwarrior198


      Thanks just wish more people would watch and follow and chat with me

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