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  1. Suggestion Name: Medal.tv external website box

    Suggestion Description: there use to be a plays.tv one but that website went rip and now medal.tv replaces it

    Any example images: 



    This section


    Why should it be added?:


    Cos there use to be a plays.tv one but that went rip and a fair amount of people use medal for vids etc


  2. 11 hours ago, Cebollina [ESP] said:

    Okay, but it doesn't make sense anymore, since the workshop was moved to a 2-lane avenue with a median, which I'm not saying works well now, but it was moved and the fences don't bother anymore


    In the past it could have been fine, good luck!


    ye they can finally mark it as done ;)

  3. 18 hours ago, creepergamingboy said:

    yes as the people that edit these photos are often media who uses this command to make it day time locally so they can take the best pictures but it's not just media who do use it anyone who wants to take a photo in day light also do    


    im pretty sure that would cause issues with the time sync on the server when you get people messing around with changing the day and night

  4. 9 hours ago, TpHFI said:

    Impatience and reckless driving is the reason for the mayhem problem will be there still with or without the fences


    5 hours ago, Michal Slovakia:))) said:

    The problem is not the fences but the players:)


    ye but TMP doesn't seem to be fixing the player side ;)

  5. 5 minutes ago, [VIVA] Kehox said:

    problem is : who is going to use the exit properly and not just yolo from the side and still make worst traffic jam ?....i mean if you think to enlarge the exit( by removing fence..?) ... more troll will attempt to go out at the same time or get inside the repair station... the problem will be worst right ? ( i might be wrong .. but... )

    tbh the problem was better until they added the fences 

  6. Suggestion Name: remove the fences

    Suggestion Description: remove the fences from Duisburg Repair Station

    Any example images: below

    Why should it be added?: I know the add on team can do fancy stuff with maps so why don't they just remove the fences, they have caused more trouble since SCS put them in since no one can do them properly so it just ends up in chaos







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  7. Suggestion Name: Lul Emote (reaction)

    Suggestion Description: Add a lul emote for reactions 

    Any example images: 




    Why should it be added?: cos you have the troll and kappa and the this is fine one but not proper lul one 


    :lol: is just ugly and old




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  8. 18 hours ago, ScaniaFan89 said:

    You guys can take breaks whenever you like, i know its xmas but what about the rest of the year? People pick up ets for nothing & come back to cause trouble! I hope someone stays around to keep the peace, system is gonna be backed up big time


    i was gonna say nothing would change but meh 

  9. 5 hours ago, Zysto said:

    To be honest. No, i haven't attended one of your charity events yet. But that's because i just missed them out. So after thinking about it i would say you're totally right.


    They use to do them H64 and the odd halloween/christmas ones before TMP started doing events for themselves and the interested kinda fell away from the H64 etc

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