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  1. you cant repair unless you have a trailer

    but you repair with a trailer and it wont repair your trailer



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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      The problem with his no damage cheat is that, even if the ND was the only thing a player could get from that download and we'd still allow it, it would open the door to cheat engines/trainers and people caught using those could easily argue, "But I only got the cheat because of the no damage one. Not my fault it comes with speedhack/no collision/etc.". We're currently on a 0 tolerance in regards to cheats and one thing that people need to remember (and I see many are failing to do so) is that this has been a demand from the community itself for a long while. Treat cheaters in TMP like they are treated in other games, you know?  So since it's hard to tell if a ND cheat is Avergho's or one from a cheat engine that has other forbidden things, we pretty much figured it was for the best to simply not allow any at all. 0 tolerance. The /fix command was added in consideration of those people who did use the no damage cheat to protect themselves and were afraid they'd be at a disadvantage against rammers. It was a way to give them some safety with still keeping the cheats away. Besides, since everything is always logged (that's not a secret), I'm certain that the devs and other upper staff can find out when and who is abusing the command. Which is also the reason why it now requires a trailer and there are cooldown times: To prevent abuse in a manner that should require the least need for a GM as possible.

    3. Kehox


      but Mike , do you think it could be an idea / ( suggestion ) .. to ask if EU2 could have no ( mod , cheat , game alteration , no additional command / abusive command ) ??? ... if player want it soo hard .. why not make them a server only for those ? ... 

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Simple: Someone will always find something to complain about. Those who would like /fix would complain the server that does have it is too empty and they want to play on a server that has lots of players but they don't want to do it without their "safety device". And that is just one example. It's impossible to please everyone, so TMP usually picks the solution that pleases the most. You can't make an omelet without cracking some eggs, after all!

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