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  1. when I click on the lunch button I get a black screen and after the error
  2. I still get this error when I start TMP and I do not know what to do, I gave and reinstalled the ets and the application but nothing, has nothing to do with the version of ets Help me pls!!<3
  3. whatever I do doesn't work .........
  4. I have version and singleplayer goes again on TMP when I give lunch it gives me game crash fatal error
  5. me did an automatic update I tried with none beta version and with temporary and with public beta and nothing
  6. I played yesterday and everything was ok. but now that it updated to it doesn't work anymore and it still gives me a fatal error
  7. I did this and it gives me a fatal error.......
  8. When updating to trukersmp go ets2 on version
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