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  1. Well, somehow my network isn't working in online games/steam/origin, but it's working on web etc..No idea what's happening. Yeah i tried stuff with windows firewall/antivirus, but still not working. Anyways, i think this question can't be solved here, since it's not problem with the game. Thanks anyways.
  2. Alright, i'm sorry for spamming forum with my stupid questions, but i'm still new and i couldn't find the answer how to solve this. So, i can't sign-in with my [World Of Trucks] account, when i try to it's signing-in for like [2-3] minutes, and then i get a message saying that it's unable to sign-in because i'm not connected on network.. Maybe it could be because of [VTM] i recently installed? I'm not sure and if anyone can help me with solving this problem it would be awesome! Edit[I forgot to add this]: I tried to play [TRUCKERS/MP] without signing in/connecting to World Of Truc
  3. Aight, so i fricked up my original profile with [SLL.Decrypter], but i downloaded save game from here [https://ets2.lt/en/save-game-for-version-1-36-no-dlc-support-multiplayer/] My in game nick didn't change it's an old one somehow, so i guess i made it. Thank you very much for helping me!
  4. Alright, i'd like to know how to change name in save game which i would download. Thanks a lot for help!
  5. Hello there, i have few questions about money "cheat", How can i add money on my account? , I've already tried in (Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Profiles), but the folder is empty, and yeah, i have been playing SP i saved the game few times but there's still nothing in "Profiles" folder. So i'd like to know is there any other way to "hack" money? I heard i can get banned if i use Cheat Engine for doing that, so if anyone can confirm that, or just give me a solution about fixing this with Profile missing in (Profiles) folder. Thanks for reading.
  6. Um, i tried on TruckersMp, but i can't find it i only have 1 truck(Scania not sure which one, i didn't even buy it), and since i'm new i dont have that much money to buy it again, but nvm just wanted to ask what happend. And yeah i guess i'll work for it again. Thanks.
  7. Well, i bought new pc and i can play ets2/truckersmp again(I'm sorry for not replying on my last topic, i was pissed because i couldn't play). So, yesterday i came on truckersmp, i had my skoda superb(Which i bought before), been driving around etc. , and today i logged in but for some reason there's no skoda i only have 1st Scania's truck, so i'd like to know what it could be? How do i fix it? Thanks in advance!
  8. @renanmsv Yeah i've tried that but i have already latest versions of those, now i can't even run ets2(any version), it's just loading(i can see it in taskmanager) and after 5 secs nothing happens. EDIT: Now i'm having problem with game versions (Check the link so you can see screenshots) : https://imgur.com/a/d7HUF1f
  9. I've tried that Linciano, but whenever i start TruckersMP i'm getting "fatal error" .
  10. Yeah sadly i found out what's the problem my graphic card doesn't support dx11, so i cannot play anymore..Thanks for the answer btw.. The saddest thing is that i bought it only because of TruckersMP, and 3 days after.. poof can't play it anymore wew..
  11. Well unfortunately after last update on truckersMP (1.36...) i cannot play anymore for some reason, i did update my ets2 on steam but whenever i try to connect i'm getting "fatal error", and i don't know how to fix it if anybody do let me know, thanks in advance!
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