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  1. Blog SCS : Actualizarile la joc au nevoie de mai mult timp in BETA




    De fiecare data cand alegem sa facem un Open Beta pentru actualizarile jocurilor, speram intotdeauna sa nu existe probleme majore cu actualizarile, ca perioada de Open Beta este doar o confirmare ca am facut o treaba buna din prima si suntem gata de lansarea oficiala.


    Asa ca nu suntem tocmai incantati de faptul ca au trecut deja 2 saptamani de Open Beta pentru versiunea 1.23 pentru ETS2 si versiunea 1.2 pentru ATS.

    Insa, nu dorim sa compromitem calitatea din cauza timpului prea scurt si a grabirii procesului de testare. Suntem determinati sa va oferim actualizari ale jocurilor ce au fost temeinic finisate si testate. Va rugam sa mai aveti putina rabdare, o gramada de lucruri misto vor aparea in aceste actualizari, si in cele ce vor urma pe viitor.



    Intre timp, echipa de dezvoltare a hartilor ATS lucreaza din greu la DLC-ul Arizona, o expansiune a hartii GRATUITA, ce urmeaza a fi integrata in ATS. Primim foarte multe cereri de a da mai multe detalii despre Arizona si cum progreseaza lucrarile. Nu vrem sa dezvaluim totul, in general, vrem sa lasam surprize pentru cei ce vor descoperi Arizona pentru prima oara.

    Insa, speram sa apreciati aceste screenshoturi cu noul stat Arizona. Dupa cum veti vedea, avem cateva noutati introduse in joc, incluzand cateva masini noi AI, noi drumuri si intersectii, etc.












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  2. Quick jobs do not work on Multiplayer.


    If you are at the start of your careers, play on Singleplayer and do a few quick jobs until you can take out a bank loan and purchase your own truck.


    With your own truck, you can connect on Multiplayer and accept jobs from the freight market.


    After a couple of jobs done from the freight market, if suddenly the job list is empty , you can try these steps :


    - Sleep at a parking lot to advance time

    - Quick travel to your garage to advance time

    - Teleport to a service station (F7+ Enter)


    If none of them worked , you can also try to enable the developper console in the game and reset the economy.

    Steps on how to do this found here : http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=61852 

  3. Hey LukeSpeedy,


    Ban Appeal review times can take more or less time, depending on the work-load of the admins.

    If it's been more than 3 days since you made a ban appeal , it's safe to say the admins are busy with other tasks (or other ban appeals)


    It's not normal, but it happens. Don't loose faith, they'll get to your ban appeal.

  4. @Freddyk his screenshot is in Google Chrome


    @H4MZ4_ are you sure no security settings on your PC prevents the page to be displayed ? Because the website is working, we can all access the page and download the mod. The "403 forbidden" error message is due to a security setting on your machine that blocks access to the website.


    Try checking your browser's security settings, add the webadress of TruckersMP to the whitelist, lower security settings, allow all content from this website to be displayed, etc.

    Also check if your Antivirus/Firewall solution is blocking access to this website.

  5. En gros , le Steam Workshop c'est pour le Singleplayer. Au lieu de chercher les mods sur 3 ou 4 sites et se demander s'il n'y a pas aussi un petit virus dans le fichier .zip , maintenant les mods peuvent etre chargés sur le Steam Workshop et donc déjà c'est la qualité assurée, pas de virus, et la communauté peut participer avec des commentaires, voter les top mods, etc.


    Pour le Multiplayer, le Workshop n'apporte rien de plus, car si tu installe des mods depuis le Workshop que les autres n'ont pas installé aussi, le jeu va crasher.

  6. Do you have any mods installed ? Maybe you forgot to disable them from the mod manager before connecting on Multiplayer.


    Also, from your desktop, right click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner (next to the clock) => recording devices => select Microphone => select "set default", select properties and make sure everything is OK and that you are receiving a signal. 

  7. 1. First open Steam.



    2. Go to LIBRARY and GAMES.





    3. Right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and click Properties.





    4. When the window has open click BETAS.





    5. Choose  v.


    6. Now it should be downloading the version. Close the properties window and wait for download to finish. 


    7. Enjoy multiplayer again!

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