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  1. C a r s   a r e   n o t   t h e   p r o b l e m . . .


              . . . P e o p l e   a r e !


    It took so long to implement the cars, they're not going anywhere fast. Cars have some benefit, like slightly more realism and can also be a good way to practice driving if your either too young to drive or just don't have a drivers licence.

  2. A while ago I suggested a second body varient of the skoda in a similar way that trucks have small cabs and xl sleeper cabs as everything is in place. (An estate version)

    As that was very similar and rejected, I doubt the developers would implement this suggestion.

    But I'm still gonna give it a +1 reguardless

  3. ^

    A blacklist would be good.

    An automated system could be set up to auto kick people in cars if they have had a ban in the previous 6-12 months.

    Another possibility is to have tiered engines to reduce the speed of cars but the likelyhood of that happening is 1%

  4. Working on H64 this year has been really fun (first year helping) and I'm really looking forwards to the event. Well done everyone on the team and well done cheetah and the rest of the flagship directors for being the back bone of this amazing event #Wish64

    Let the hype train commence B)

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  5. The structure is still there so It would only take a month or two, not a whole year. Go through the files which make up the mod and then you'll find that it's was simpler than you'd expect. If the TMP team were to duplicate the model for the car and then manipulate the rear of the car into an estate shape, they could easily add a second file for the model variation which would link to the new model.

    1 hour ago, DiegoLBC1 said:

    I said before, it's like a "new car". Isn't simply "adding a few lines of code and a second model".

    So in regards to your reply saying its not as simple as adding a few lines of code, in fact its just as simple if not easier.

    The main model just needs duplicating and then the duplicate needs adjustments to make the body into an estate body style.

    As to add a second cabin variation, the "standard.sii" file just needs duplicating and renaming to "estate.sii" and in that file, the code which directs to the normal body style would need changing to the new body style and finally the cabin variation part would need changing from "variant: cabin_a" to "variant: cabin_b"

    That would then create the second cabin type and then you're done.

    The physics, sounds, and other entities are already there so again, it would only take a month or two. The file coding side of things would take 1-2 hours and the rest would be manipulating a duplicated model of the current car.


    All in all, there would still be no new car, the only adjustment would be in the shop and the body shape.


  6. 10 minutes ago, DiegoLBC1 said:


    You didn't understand what I said.


    To add the new "body", you need to 3D modeling. I said before, it's like a "new car". Isn't simply "adding a few lines of code and a second model".

    If you even bothered to look at my photoshopped screenshot you would see that it's a model variation just like small cabs and large cabs on trucks, NOT a completely different car

  7. 22 hours ago, DiegoLBC1 said:

     the Scout took 1 year to complete.

    But you still aren't reading the original post!

    It took a year to make the car from SCRATCH

    The platform is already there, all that would need adding is a few lines of code and a second model.

    Before you say I should do it, I have no experience in 3D modelling and If I were to make it, it'd then be classed as a third party mod.

  8. Edited with the correct format.

    16 hours ago, BLU // MUTLOB said:

    Does the guy really need 5 replies saying the same thing? You guys suggest a search bar but fail to look at comments right above your own? Come on guys.

    ^ He has a point


    Seeing as most people missed the point of this post, let me tell you this: IT IS NOT A THREAD REQUESTING A NEW CAR! IT'S A SUGGESTION FOR A CUSTOMIZATION TO THE CURRENT CAR!!!

    I did search to see if anyone had suggested an addition to the current car and as far as I could see, there weren't really any.


    @DiegoLBC1 you posted links to posts asking for new cars.


    Also @Killua (DavidOC93) is the only person who actually seemed to actually read the post and didn't jump the gun thinking its a new car (I stated that it isn't a new car in the original post - I even provided a photoshopped example showing it as a customization)


    So next time before you comment on a suggestion complaining about how it's already been mentioned before, READ THE POST - Then you won't jump to these conclusions making yourself look a bit silly.

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  9. Suggestion Name: Scout Extra_D - Estate Variation (NOT ADDING A NEW CAR)

    Suggestion Description:

    So my suggestion is to add an estate variation to the scout cars as it would essentially be like adding another car to the game however it would be much easier because the platform for the scout car is already in the game.

    The way it would work would be exactly the same way as the option for different truck cabs but for the car with an option for the current saloon version but an additional option for the estate version

    Now people are going to say that adding another car won't happen because it took an entire year to add the scout in the first place however, the platform for the scout mod is already in the game so the only adjustments that would need to be made is for a new body shape (only the rear would need adjusting) with the addition of allowing it as a body variation and possibly adjusting the model for the interior to make it look like an estate from the inside.

    Any example images: 




    (Image has been photo-shopped for example purposes)

    Why should it be added?:

    Despite what people think I'm suggesting (A new car) Its just a variation option just like how in each truck there is an option of having a small, medium or large cabin. It's basically the same principle but with the car instead, a regular saloon version and an estate version. I think this would be a relatively easy addition to make and do hope it will be taken into consideration :)


    Thanks for your time everyone

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