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  1. Hi there MatzeOnTour, I cannot get TruckersMP to launch in Windows 10.. I have had some issues with ATS and ETS after resetting my PC (long story, ugh) and when I finally got ATS and ETS set back up on the computer and then try to reinstall TruckersMP by installing it as Admin mode (as mentioned in numerous posts) and it will installs, however when I try to run the TruckersMP program in Admin, it will try to load and then stop and it exits. Checking in Task Manager, it will just load and then stops and eixts. I'm not sure if it is an issue with the system file check (w
  2. I have been having issues with TruckersMP workng after having issues with reinstalling Windows 10. Are there any options to fix my issue with Windows 10 to get TruckersMP to work? Many thanks in advance. Cheers! ~ HomieLive
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