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  1. UPDATE! Might have found a fix. Checked my game_logs and the last thing the game did before crashing was recording the delivery with LogIt. Since I installed it a long time ago and it never fully worked, I ditched it and was sure I didn't have it anymore. Turns out, it doesn't delete itself even after fully re-installing ETS2. Now that I found its folder and deleted it, I tested ETS2 SP again and did 2 successful deliveries without a crash. So if anyone else is experiencing this problem, check if you have LogIt installed and delete it. I don't remember exactly for which website it was used but it never really worked and seems like it's a big issue for ETS2 right now.
  2. Yes, I read this somewhere before, checked if I have any MSI Afterburner and RTSS related proccesses running and I had none. Once again tried running OpenGL. But now tested it on SP, not TruckersMP. Game still crashed. On both World of Trucks cargo and normal cargo.
  3. Hello. Yes, I've already tried the following with no successful result: Verifying game integrity (even after re-installing ETS2) Set ETS2 to run on DirectX 12 64-bits and running TruckersMP as administrator. And re-installing TruckersMP after completely deleting every folder of it also doesn't help.
  4. Good evening. I've explored through all of google, multiple topics on this forums and other places where a few solutions have been given. I've tried re-installing both ETS2 and TruckersMP, verifying cache, changing ETS to both OpenGL and DirectX 12 64-Bit, tried running ETS2 on windowed mode, opening TruckersMP as administrator but so far absolutely nothing has worked. While re-installing ETS2 and TruckersMP, before doing that I deleted every folder so both installs would be as clean as possible. But nothing has helped, every delivery, no matter the cargo, the truck or the distance, I come to the destination, choose to skip the parking, press the button to fully finish the delivery and the game still crashes with no error window. I have no mods installed! I have added game.crash.txt if that helps in any way. game.crash.txt
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