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  1. Thanks to @mwl4 and @ShawnCZek for your great and hard work! It is very good that we have you! However, I would like to say on my own that I don't expect AI traffic. Since at the moment this is not relevant for TruckersMP. If I want to ride with AI traffic, then I will go to the convoy mode from the SCS. One of the things I love about TruckersMP is that there are all real people in the game. You don't know how a stranger will behave as opposed to AI traffic. It adds interest, but my opinion. I would like you to launch a survey on whether AI traffic is really needed now. And also, what problems the player may face if AI traffic is added. Since I believe that if the AI traffic is synchronized for everyone, then there will be unpleasant bugs that will be caused by this. For example, a sudden appearance of traffic in front of a truck, which will lead to a complete stop of the player's truck and, as a consequence, lead to an accident of the next trucks. Agree, it will not be good. Best wishes, V8.
  2. TruckersMP Team, thanks for your work and for the cool festival! And thanks for allowing cars at the festival! Happy Birthday! #TMP7 Best wishes, V8.
  3. Thanks TruckersMP staff for these alternating vehicles. It was really needed. My opinion is that by adding these vehicles you have closed two questions. These are: 1) Adding new vehicles 2) Mods vehicles. Good job. Best wishes, V8.
  4. Congratulations, Super! <3333

    1. super37s


      Thank you ❤️

  5. TruckersMP staff, thank you for the information and for your work! Best wishes, V8.
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