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  1. Ooh! Tough question. There are so many happy memories to choose from, so it's very hard. I think working with a team of the most lovely and sincere people is definitely number one, knowing I can hop in a discord and just gel with any member of our team is really special and unique. If I had to pick some stand out moments, any extra activities on the radio such as real ops news team is always good fun. I hope this answered your question Owen! - Matt
  2. Hi Shay! Great questions. First of all, yes I sing. All the time, during nearly every single song on my show. One of my biggest fears when I go live is I will leave my mic fader up, and everyone will start to hear me sing! I wouldn't do a show called mood dampeners, I always try to lift people's spirits when on air, and take the stress off anything bad that may be happening in the world at the time And finally? Of course you can have a shoutout. I'll note it down for saturday! - Matt
  3. I'm Matt, a radio presenter for TruckersFM, TMP's partnered radio station. I've been with them for just over a year now, and work as a moderator for the discord, and a presenter on air. Please feel free to ask me anything, and I'll do my best to answer it! Ask Away!
  4. I've personally been playing On and off since 2015, but only arrived here on the forums this year. What about you? What are your highlights of playing too?
  5. I use my air horn to other drivers to say hello on the roads, and my regular horn to warn of danger or express annoyance. I flash to say thank you
  6. The logitech driving force gt can pop up on ebay for about £30 (my currency) every now and then, and its 900 degrees rotation. Have a look on your ebay!
  7. Yeah its happened to me. Just reverse back and try again [That is if it is safe to do so]
  8. I think this should only happen in areas of high congestion, e.g calais - Otherwise, it will get very stop start if passing on a long journey, it shouldnt affect anything in really quiet areas.
  9. I think that what you get is Quality, and is worth the price.
  10. Hey, I actually suffer from a similar thing. What are your and your friend's PC specs - Moreover, what are your pings in game?
  11. Nice, Yeah presentability is key I dig that! The acceleration is key - nyoooooooooooom Stand out from the crowd, I like it!
  12. In my aim to get to know the community better, i want to know what kind of trucker you are! I'll do these bi-weekly or something. I'll start off with this one then, When you create a truck how long do you spend doing it? Do you spend 10s upon 10s of minutes tweaking it to be just right? Go for the most expensive in each category? Try to be realistic? C H R O M E ? Also, If you're the keen photographer, I'd LOVE to see some pics of your trucks, if you have them that is. I, Myself am not that good at ETS2 photography so.... Anyway, hit me with yo
  13. Hello all! First post on the forum, been playing since 2015, actually cannot believe I've never ventured to the world of these forums!


    I'm a presenter over at TruckersFM (cough cough Sunday's and Saturdays) and loving every minute of it. It's nearly been a year since I applied!


    I want to get to know the community more, so ask me anything in the replies!


    Hope to be here to stay! 



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      Welcome, work hard for your dream! You are a respectable person ❤️

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